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It is everyone’s worst nightmare. But as loved ones of those on board Flight 370 struggle with shock and grief, some say their agony is being compounded by a lack of information from Malaysia Airlines. The company has given one crucial indication – and it is not good news. “We have communicated to the family […]

Le Havre AC – Angers SCO : 2-1 Vendredi 15 février 2013 à 20H00 Buts : Le Havre : Rivière, Malfleury Angers : Keserü (sp)

Nusrat javed ANger on caller almost started fight

Dr. Joseph Shrand is an Instructor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, an Assistant Child Psychiatrist on the medical staff of Massachusetts General Hos…

A two-month-old polar bear has taken his first steps at Toronto Zoo in Canada. He is the only one of a litter of three to survive. Report by Crossc. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

When Miguel Armenta’s son took a trip to the zoo with friends, he didn’t expect to end up in a game of frisbee with a polar bear. The polar bear seemed to love the attention given to him by the spectators. He continuously threw the frisbee up to Armenta and his friends, and seemed delighted […]