Stephanie Abrams (Slit Skirt “Spot The Spanks” High Definition Version)

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The infamous outfit she’ll probably never wear again. Lmao. I got this video off a site, it is not mine (obviously lol). Credit for video: © Weather Channel All Rights Reserved.

  • tubabooba2

    I guess I missed it. What are spanks? Panties? I looked. Had to play it back a few times but all I saw was maybe a shadow. Steph must be pretty cool. I took her for a somebody that would have screamed harassment over that. That and Al’s thong.

  • JulietHuddyFan

    hot steph! check my channel too for some babe vids and join if u like em

  • Philobeddoe12

    If that split were a little higher she’s be combing more hair and powdering more cheeks.

  • banders77

    the split goes in the back

  • Century25

    Hey - I’m diggin’ this new style ! Too bad Dave Schwartz wasn’t around ~

    PS – Rokker’s a dork.

  • cinerama62

    She holds the seal of approval from the AMS. ..and from millions of male viewers of the weather channell.

  • t151325

    Who dont? (they are reall as well)

  • Connor Keegan

    Id rather not travel to viet nam thanks

  • sam armytage


  • MrPow19

    I love Stephanie Abrams. She is not only professional and a great meteorologist, but very sexy and cute. I love it when Al points out the raised split skirt and her reaction to it. I could just squeeze her if I could hug her.

  • KOOLAIDchampion

    She’s fuckin’ sexy.

  • FarleyTube

    That’s actually a good way to start the day.

  • FarleyTube

    Well of course. They know what they are wearing and doing, and they do want people to watch.

  • Tariff Risinger

    She is still a great weather commentator.

  • Tariff Risinger

    Ummm…. fashion crashin’. I believe the slit is supposed to be on the side or in the back, isn’t it?

  • ryebread105

    I would so do Steph!

  • Kylie Hunter

    I live in Michigan, I remeber those days

  • Mop3eighty8

    today’s forecast high and dry yet again, followed by binge drinking while playing skyrim hours and hours on end

  • Justin Humenik


  • tom11zz884

    Boxy butt

  • AlexKnight009

    Wow. Why do they discourage her? I think she’s got absolutely sexy legs and very beautiful breasts, as far as I can tell.

  • Claudias711

    Always have thought this is one goofy woman.

  • gcgeneral1


  • TheJackyBear

    jus sayin…


    ( . Y . ) Oh Yeah! :)

  • jtaylor12080

    She seems like a real cunt.

  • 999klondike

    There’s a lifting mechanism going on in my pants.

  • MegaHumper69

    Big mouth, nice pair of fun bags, great legs and a butt built for riding. A three orifice delight.

  • MrCheJoubert

    What’s lucky for you, is that you don’t have to have any type of genuine reality to have a life!

  • MrCheJoubert

    Hi – you make me tired – peeps like you ruin things for all men.

  • paustn31634


    And yet you’re here watching this too… ?


  • wolf11

    You people here really need to get a life and a girlfriend

  • Eyec0n

    1:19 this is how pirates say Pittsburgh

  • TheJackyBear

    ( . )( . )

  • jjp009

    Awww, come on.

  • beantownkid38

    Staged or not, I’m all for Stephanie Abrams showing skin while telling me my local weather!

  • jjp009

    Yeah, she’s really cute, but don’t think she didn’t know they were showing every time she stepped forward and spread her legs.  Kinda had a staged feel to it.